Do you know your pet?

Dogs develop in a positive sense and are extremely social animals. Over the years, breeds have been protected and perfected. The result is a breed that has a deep basis in the respectful relationship between man and dog. This is why the respectful relationship is the most important factor between the animal and its owner. Thus, a good relationship between dog and man is built on trust and honour.

In such a relationship, the dog is guided and is not pushed to understand itself in a natural way. In this way, the pet owner is committed to really understanding who the dog really is. This development is primarily through understanding the dog and its history.

In a pack of dogs are his closest friends. The pack is made up of people, the owner and the family, as well as dogs, friends or siblings. We know this because all dogs come from the wolf, which is a social pack animal. With the understanding and study of the wolf, we gain a deeper knowledge of the human-dog relationship, where the canine sees the humans he lives with as members of the pack. By recognizing and understanding this simple but crucial fact, we now understand and know 95% more about the real dog than the average dog owner. This will lead to the best possible training of a puppy by inserting the dog into the pack and the natural development of a pecking order with your dog.

What about the alpha dog? Is it real or is it just another dog myth? According to all the scientific literature, the alpha male is real and common. All wolf packs have an alpha male who can be considered the leader. They may assume one or more roles depending on each pack, which can be: leadership, resolving fights between pack members, dictator, etc. All other wolves turn to the alpha male for guidance and leadership, creating a stable “family group relationship”. If you have a dog that has not been properly trained and is the alpha in your household, a change is necessary. There should be no doubt in your dog’s mind that you are the alpha and he is the subordinate. You should present yourself as a leader from the first impression.

In the case of your dog, an overwhelming amount of communication is sent out via body language.

An important way for alphas to inspire respect is to make eye contact with authority. A gentle glance will mean acceptance and harsh dominant expressions will demand respect and compliance. This is done through a variety of training techniques to help the dog make eye contact with its master. Training, in general, should begin the day your puppy enters the world. Dog training should be a complete life experience for the dog, focusing on the dog’s overall image and human relationship. It’s not enough to just sit, roll, shake, stay and find commands. It takes more than breaking a dog through discipline and reward systems. When the inner packaging involves

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